Green Choices In Siding Products

Wood: especially if local, salvaged, or engineered from farmed, fast-growing tropical wood.  It may last over 100 years, and can be recycled. Not Cheap! Steel: more than aluminum; recycled, some brands 100% recycled (Rollex). Six old cars might cover a 2000 sf house, while wood might require an acre of trees!                Durable, low maintenance, cheapest to install but easy to dent Composites:

  • EcoClad is from paper and bamboo;
  • Trex durable, colorfast
  • Polymer Ash—toxic but gets rid of coal
  • Fly Ash; bug proof, dirt proof
  • LP Wood-Polymer—maybe but breaks down easily; possible recyclable
  • FiberCement= wood, cement, polymer; bug proof, not dirt-, mold proof

Brick—a lot of energy to make it, but durable and recyclable. Increases value ASAP Stone—Local, natural stone cheaper than brick, and durable.  Poor insulation, recyclability Insulated vinyl siding—inert and durable once made; not really flammable; not really recyclable; but saves on energy bills immediately. 50+ year life From and other nearby sites found on Google.